Our mission at New Discoveries Early Learning Center is to provide education and care for infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children. We believe in a nature based approach to education that fosters each child’s sense of wonder as they explore learning opportunities.

Our goal is for children to arrive each day excited to learn and play with their peers and their supportive teachers. We strive for parents and caregivers to effectively engage in their careers each day with confidence their children are well cared for and happy.

New Discoveries Early Learning Center

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our curriculum is an emphasis on educational experiences both outside in nature and in the classrooms with natural learning materials. Our program offers extended outdoor learning periods allowing our students time to understand the natural world and establish a sense of self within it. The children are invited to participate in environmentally friendly practices such as recycling materials and caring for plants in the nature playground.

We believe children learn best through play, facilitated interaction with one another and exploring with a sense of wonder and curiosity. The students are empowered to discover and investigate new concepts, ask questions and collaborate with one another. This inquiry-based approach focuses on the journey of the learning process and helps children grow into problem-solvers, observers and critical thinkers.

New Discoveries Early Learning Center


New Discoveries Early Learning Center

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is developed by our talented teachers to incorporate the following guidelines:

Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers
Developed by the Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children/ Department of Early Education and Care

Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences
Early Childhood Advisory Council to the Massachusetts Board of Education

Guidelines for Excellence
Early Childhood Environmental Education Programs
North American Association for Environmental Education

Infant Classroom

Our infant classroom is a warm, inviting space designed to have all the comforts of home.  We accommodate each individual infant’s schedule and work closely with parents and caregivers to modify schedules as each child quickly grows and changes over the first 15 months of life.

Infant curriculum at a glance

The curriculum is designed to target the development of each infant as they grow physically, cognitively, socially/emotionally, and develop language and communication skills.  As the babies play with musical instruments and engage in interactive play they are developing imitation, fine motor, and gross motor skills.  Daily story time supports language development such as cooing, babbling and saying baby’s first precious words.  Teachers may be found on the floor playing peek-a-boo with infants helping them understand the concept of object permanence.  Infants may be safely exploring the classroom materials and learning about different colors, textures, shapes, and sounds. 

Toddler Classroom

Our toddler room offers a structured schedule while allowing time for students to explore, imagine and interact with the world around them.  The curriculum is thoughtfully pre-planned to target specific learning concepts in the areas of physical, cognitive, social/emotional and language development.  As students uncover something new and exciting, teachers help guide learning in the moment.

Toddler curriculum at a glance

As the season changes from summer to fall, teachers may plan a unit on colors.  A book may be read aloud to the students about the vibrant fall colors directly before going outside.  While outside a child points to a leaf and shouts, “red!”  The child can then collect all of the red leaves they find in the nature playground and make a pile.  In this activity the child is using language in a meaningful way and noticing similarities and differences between the leaves.  The teacher encourages the student to look at the red leaf under a magnifying glass, incorporating the use of technology.  The child is encouraged to invite a friend to help collect leaves,  facilitating growth in the areas of interactive language and social development.  The red leaves can then be brought inside and placed next to paper and red crayons.  Children are then invited to color on the paper using their fine motor skills through repeated learning experiences with familiar objects of interest. 

Preschool Classroom

Our goal for all students is to develop a love for learning during their time at New Discoveries.  We strive to foster inquisitive thinking, imaginative play, a sense of excitement while discovering something new and wonderful.  We want children to learn their strengths and how to utilize them as they continue to grow in life and in their academic endeavors.  Curriculum is developed in the areas of language arts, math, science, technology, engineering, history/social science, health education and the arts as teachers prepare students for successful kindergarten entry.

Preschool curriculum at a glance

Students may be outside observing the forest while noticing animals active in nature. They may take interest in a squirrel and ask questions about what it is doing, where it lives, what it eats? Other students join in the conversation and offer ideas, forming a group with a common interest. Together they decide to build a “squirrel house” and begin forming a plan. Teachers may be listening, recording data on their conversations and documenting indicators of growth in social interactions, language development, and cooperative play. Students then begin collecting sticks and building a “squirrel house”, working together to create a product, evaluate it, and improve their ideas. This activity incorporates math, technology, and engineering skills. Squirrel observations continue to occur at different times during the year allowing the children to draw from their prior experiences, observe new information, and expand their knowledge.


Owner and Director

My name is Lorraine Miles and I am the Owner and Director of New Discoveries Early Learning Center. I have two young children who are my motivation for opening this school. As a working parent I understand the importance of balancing a career while ensuring the best care and education for my little ones.

My experience in education over the past 14 years includes directing childcare centers, teaching in special education and consulting as a behavior analyst. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Lorraine Miles
Samantha Leone

Music and Theater Coordinator

Hello, my name is Samantha Leone and I am the Music and Theater Coordinator for New Discoveries Early Learning Center. I plan and implemet a music and movement program for all age groups. I will spend time in each of the individual classrooms throughout the week engaging the kids with song, dance and creativity.

My education is in music theatre performance, stage makeup, and management. I have three years of experience teaching musical education to children for a live music program and seven years as a private nanny providing care for infants through pre-school and beyond. I am so thrilled to be part of the team at New Discoveries and can’t wait to share my love of music and art with your children.

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North Andover Merchants Association
North American Association for Environmental Education
National Association for the Education of Young Children